The Ultimate Advanced Excel Course 2024

Specially tailored for professionals who are familiar with Excel and are willing to accelerate their current skills

Learn how to:

  • Use Excel Function to write effective and robust Excel formulas.
  • Learn how to use Pivot Table and Pivot Charts to quickly calculate and summarize a large set of data, see patterns and trends
  • Learn how to use Excel Macro to automate your daily repetitive tasks
  • Work on a real-life case study and get yourself thorough with the process

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Welcome to Advanced Excel Training Course

The objective of this course is to significantly strengthen your core Excel skills and make you ready for the next level

This course is categorized into 5 modules

Each Module has something for everyone, from Beginner to Intermediate, to Advanced users

Module 1

Fondational Topics


Some topics are so crucial that they need to be scrubbed at the foundational level.

If not done..,

It could be the biggest obstacle you may face in your learning journey.

This module is specifically designed to ensure that you have the required first-hand information during the training period.

You will learn the best strategies and tips that will help you refine your professional skills like never before

Module 2

Functions and Formulas

Functions and Formulas are the major aspects of Microsoft Excel.

Learn how to use Excel functions to write effective and robust formulas from scratch.

Understand how to switch between relative, absolute, and mixed cell references

List of operators and their order in which they perform calculations

Define the use of names in formulas

Avoid broken formulas and detect errors

Learn Specifications and examples of array formulas

Module 3

Advanced Conditional Formatting

Learn how to visually explore and analyze the data.

Learn how to Identify uncertain issues, patterns, and trends.

Format the cell or a range of cells based on user-defined condition

Explore how to visually categorize the data using Data bar, Color Scales, Icon sets, etc.

Learn how to use Icon-sets like Directional, Shapes, Indicators, Ratings, etc

Understand how to change the appearances of the data set by using your own conditional formatting rules.

Learn how to use formulas to determine which cells to format

Module 4

Pivot Table and Charts

Have you ever felt a need to quickly analyze and summarize a large set of data?

If yes, then Pivot Table is a tool for you.

Learn how to:

  • Quickly summarize large amounts of data by categories and subcategories
  • Use PivotTable to answer unexpected questions about your data
  • Enable Pivot Charts to add visualizations to the data summary
  • Add custom calculations and formulas to your data sets
  • Ensure that your Pivot Table data is up to date
  • Filter data using Pivot Table Slicers
  • Use Pivot Timeline to filter dates
  • Handle error and empty cells
  • Manually or conditionally format a cell or a range of cells
  • Filter, Sort, and Group the data fields

Module 5

Automation With Excel Macros

What are Macros?

Learn how to create your first macro

Create macro using relative references

How to automate a set of tasks that you perform on a regular bases

How to edit or delete a macro

Assign a Macro to form controls button

Also understand how to assign macros to an object, shape, or graphic

Create and store macros in a single workbook

Save the macros in the Personal macro workbook

Share Personal.xlsb macro workbook others

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